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Security fasteners

Killich have partnered with Hafren Fasteners, the leading global security fastener experts to supply specialist anti-tamper/antitheft security fasteners.  Engineered to help protect assemblages from unauthorised tampering and removal.

Security fasteners come in many styles with a range of screw threads.  Killich range of security fasteners includes machine screws, self-tapping screws, wood screws and self-drilling screws, as well as a wide range of specialist nuts and tooling. A number of different drive options are available, including 2-Hole, Pin Hex, 6-Lobe pin, Sentinel®, Solok™, Kinmar® permanent and removable, Scroll™, Nogo™, Armour Ring™, Shear Nuts/Bolts and more.

The security fastener range complements Killich wider product range of industrial fastenings and can be used alongside or instead of standard parts.  Specialist security fasteners allow specifiers to boost security and improve health and safety without compromising on fastener performance, or aesthetic.  In many ways security fasteners are favoured by specifiers as they offer an improved aesthetic from the traditional screw with a clean, smooth finish.

Security fasteners come in two main forms permanent (1-way), or removable (2-way) fasteners that cannot be removed, other than with matching tooling.  Each fastener has its own features and characteristics which dictate their security levels.  For ease we have classified our security ratings on a 1 to 5 scale (with 1 being entry level and 5 being the maximum security available).

Tamper-resistant security design and engineered with.

  • Unusual shapes and non-standard drives to prevent tampering.  With removable fasteners requiring a matching non-standard tooling to unfasten, such as 6-Lobe pin (Pin Torx), or 2-Hole (Pig Nose/ snake eyes) security fasters.
  • Tapered and smoothed surfaces, resistant to gripping from tooling.
  • Hardened steel resistant to cutting and drilling.

Security fasteners are used all over the world in numerous industries and applications.  They are especially effective where the components being secured are valuable, critical infrastructure, or routinely targeted by vandals.

This could include everything from street furniture to high security environments, advanced technology or public property which is susceptible to theft and vandalism.

Industries where security fasteners are used include:


  • Energy and utility sectors
  • Automotive
  • Prisons and high security areas
  • Public estates, such as hospitals, educational establishments etc
  • Stadia and arena venues
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Local authority street lighting, signage, and street furniture.

Plus many more…

For more information or to request a brochure, contact our sales team - Email: janda@killich.cz


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