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ImageProduct nameProduct codeDIN:ISO:ČSN EN:Surface finish:Material:
Rivet nuts with flat head155Aluminium
Blind rivet nut, pan head - SFM150yellow zincsteel
Rivet nuts with countersunk head and serattion152yellow zincsteel
Blind rivet with flat head6157337A16582022352copperrivet: Cu, mandrel: steel
Blind rivet with flat head631Aluminiumrivet: Al+Mg (Mg 3,5%), mandrel: steel
Blind rivets with large head6227337Awhite zincrivet:steel, mandrel: steel
Countersunk head rivets23116611051022311plain, Cu, Alsteel, Cu, Al
Blind rivets with large head6147337AAlrivet: Al+Mg (Mg 3,5%), mandrel: steel
Round head rivets23016601051022301plain, Cu, Alsteel, Cu, Al
Rivets for break and clutch linings flat head628733716582022352white zincsteel
Blind rivets with countersunk head (120`C)625733715974022341Aluminiumrivet: Al+Mg (Mg 3,5%), mandrel: steel