Upravit stránku
Nominal diameter d1568101216
Lead of thread p0,801,001,251,501,762,00
d1 max568101216
d1 min4,825,827,789,7811,7315,73
d2 max13,5516,5520,6524,6530,6538,80
d2 min12,4515,4519,3523,3529,3537,20
k max3,303,884,885,386,958,95
k min2,703,124,124,626,058,05
f max4,104,605,606,608,7512,90
f min2,903,404,405,407,2511,10
v max5,486,488,5810,5812,7016,70
v min4,525,727,429,4211,3015,30
e min6,107,409,9012,5015,0020,20
r max1,01,21,61,62,22,7
ds max568101216
ds min4,525,527,429,4211,3015,30
b L<125161822263038
b L=125-200  28323644
b L>200    4957
 Strength class 4,6
Min. tensile strength (N/mm2)400
Min. limit of elasticity (N/mm2)240
Extension to break (%)max 22%
Permitted load (N)320045208240130001900035300
 Strength class 6,8
Min. tensile strength (N/mm2)600
Min. limit of elasticity (N/mm2)480
Extension to break (%)max 8%
Permitted load (N)6250884016100255003710069100
MaterialClass of steel 4,6 (6,8)
Carriage bolt

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