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Claims rules

1. General provisions

  • This claim regulations were drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 40/1964 Coll. Civil Code, as amended, regulates the way and conditions of the basic warranty for defective goods and claims of liability.
  • Claims rules applies to claim concerning defective goods, which is within the warranty period.
  • Claims rules is an integral part of the contract of sale of goods between the seller and the purchaser.

2. Basic concepts

  • Claim - is exercising the right of purchaser for defects, which is made by the purchaser against the seller in person, in writing or by e-mail form (download from www.killich.cz) and includes the identification of the purchaser of goods, description of the defect and its manifestations. 
  • Warranty card -  is a document made by seller, which includes the statutory minimum requirements and sets out specific conditions and scope of warranty for the goods.
  • Purchaser - is the subject, which has made the contract with seller to purchase goods.
  • Seller is Killich Ltd., Americká 215, Liberec.
  • Goods – is purchased material from assortment Killich Ltd.
  • Online store - is internet shop situated on http://eshop.killich.cz.

3. Extent of warranty

The warranty covers:

  • defects, which occur after receipt of goods by the purchaser during the warranty period.
  • incorrect delivery of goods = number of different pieces, different species, or another range.

4. Invalidity of claim

  • If defect was not claimed during the warranty period.
  • During a telephone purchase.
  • In the event that is claimed number of different pieces, different species, or another range after more than thirty calendar days from receipt of order.
  • For arbitrary changes to the original data in the warranty, or delivery note by the purchaser.
  • Improper installation, repair, modification or other unprofessional interventions.
  • In use, operation and handling of goods contrary to the purpose of its use.
  • Violation of protective stickers and seals, if the manufacturer of goods procured by them.
  • Damage of the goods action elements.
  • Returns of the goods is not a claim - cancellation fee is 25% + VAT of the price of the returned order.
  • The drawing parts of the claim does not apply.

5. Warranty period

  • The actual length of the warranty period agree always at least the minimum length of the warranty period under the Civil Code or special laws.
  • The warranty period begins with receipt of goods by the purchaser.
  • The warranty period does not count the time from start to claim the goods until the purchaser is required after the warranty repair of the goods seized.
  • If the exchange of goods for the new warranty period begins to run again from receipt of new products

6. Demands of warranty

Purchaser in the event of justified claim belong demands of warranty under the Civil Code, if necessary. other legislation.

The purchaser has a right to:

  • free, proper and timely removal of the defect if it is a removable defect, the right to replace defective goods or defective parts, if it is not because of the disproportionate nature of the defect, and if such a procedure is not possible, the right to a reasonable discount from the purchase price or cancel the purchase contract
  • replacement of defective goods or to cancel the contract in case of irremovable defect preventing proper use of goods
  • eplacement of defective goods or to cancel the contract in the case of removable defects occurring in greater numbers or repeatedly, and preventing the proper use of the goods
  • reasonable discount from the purchase price or cancel the contract in the case of other irremovable defects and does not require the exchange of things

7. Acceptance of goods

  • The takeover of the goods means signing the delivery note, delivery list to shipping companies or to postal services.
  • The customer takes from transportation services or postal service only mail shipments without visible damage. In case of visible damage to the consignment is required to make a claim with the carrier protocol. If after unpacking the shipment find that the contents of the shipment is damaged, notify immediately - within one working day - in writing or by phone dealer.

8. Reasons of claim

During the claim of goods Killich s.r.o. is governed by applicable laws to protect consumers and in this cases:

  • goods are damaged or broken
  • goods are incomplete
  • other goods is supplied than were ordered (there was a confusion of shipments, etc.).
  • When ordering multiple products with different delivery, the shipment may be divided - this fact can not be claimed.

9. The procedure and place a claim

  • Goods to the claim must be submitted with the form „Claim report“, which is available on http://www.killich.cz
  • This form may be submitted in person, by post or e-mail to all addresses on the Internet. 
    The place for application a claim is Killich s.r.o. Americká 215, Liberec 
  • Transport of goods under complaint shall be borne by the purchaser in case of recognition of legitimacy of the claim may apply for reimbursement of costs incurred by the transport of goods under complaint. Defective goods sent back at our expense.
  • Unjustified complaints will under § 625 of the Civil Code adopted.
  • Goods consigned to the claim or return can not be sent for delivery.
  •  The seller is obliged to settle complaints procedure within 30 days from receipt of goods from the purchaser. If the buyer claim goods apply in person at the seller is obliged to goods (and unjustified claims) also personally assume, unless stated otherwise Complaint Protocol, the complaint is terminated on the date when the goods (and unjustified claims) in place ready to make a claim of transmission to the buyer. If the buyer sends a complaint, he claimed goods will also be sent (and unjustified claims), unless stated otherwise Complaint Protocol, the complaint is dealt with on a day when the goods (and unjustified complaints) referred to in transport to the buyer's address listed in the complaint .
  • The purchaser is obligated to the seller at settlement of the claim together, especially after the processing of claims must accept the goods.
  • The course and outcome of the claim is written claim report, which is after control passed to the purchaser. 

This Rules of claim comes into force 6.1. 2011.


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