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DIN (ISO) ČSNProduct namesteel plainsteel zincStainless
 A1, A2 A4
MS, Al,
Ti, Cu
(ISO 8752**)
022156Spring straight pins  
1587 Hexagon domed cap nuts
1804021449Slotted round nuts 
1816021441Round nut with set pin holes  
2093021731Disc springs  
2510 Double end studs   
2510 Hexadon nuts for double end nuts   
3017 Hose clips   
3404 Lubricanting nipples, button head   
3567 Tube clamps form A  
3570 U-Bolts  
4109 Rubber sleeve for fastening pipes   
5586 Locking screws with collar and vent   
6304 Tommy screws   
6305 Tommy nuts   
6311 Thrust pads with retaining ring for DIN: 6304, 6305, 6306, 6307  
6319 A, B, C  Washers  
(ISO 8734*)
022152Parallel pins hardened   
6330 Hexagon nuts 1,5 D 
6331 Hexagon nut with collar 1,5 D 
6332 Grub screws with thurst point   
6334 Coupling nut hexagon nuts 
6335 Star knobs   
6340 Washer for clamping devices  
6796(ISO 10670*)Conical spring washer for bolted connect  
6797021744Toothed lock washers external teeth 
6797021744Toothed lock washers internal teeth 
6797021744Toothed lock washers external teeth
8812021744Toothed lock washers  TECKENTRUP  
8813,008021744Toothed lock washers
teeth  „VSK“
6798 A021745Serrated lock washers external teeth
6798 I021746Serrated lock washers internal teeth 
 6798V021746Serrated lock washers external teeth

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