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DIN (ISO) ČSN Product namesteel plainsteel zincStailess steel  A1, A2,A4plastic MS, Al, Ti, Cu
463 Tab washer with long tab and wing 
464021161Knurled thumb screws, high type 
466021462Knurled thumb nuts, high type 
467021461Knurled thumb nuts, thin type 
470 Sealing washers    
471022930Retaining rings for shafts   
472022931Retaining rings for bores   
478021122Square head bolts with collar   
479021121Square head bolts with short dog point   
480021122Square head bolts w collar, short dog point   
508 Nuts for T-grooves   
525021399Weld studs with hexagon nuts   
529021391Masonry bolts   
546021444Slotted round nuts 
(ISO 4766*)
021181Slotted set screws  
(ISO 7434*)
 021185Slotted set screws with cone point  
(ISO 4034***)
021601Hexagon nuts, metric coarse  
557021624Square nuts, product grade C  
(ISO 4018*)
021303Fully threaded maching bolts   
561021115Hexagon set screws, full dog point   
562021416Square thin nuts  
564021116Hexagon head set screw with dog point   
571021810Hexagon head wood screws 
571 PC Hexagon head wood screws and plastic cap   
580021369Lifting eye bolts  
582021669Lifting eye nuts  
603021319Hexagon head bolt with nut 
604021324Mushroom head square neck bolt   
605021327Flat countersunk nib bolts   
607021315Flat countersunk square neck bolts   
608021326Round head nip bolts with nuts   
609021111Flat countersunk square neck bolts    
610021112Hexagon fitting bolts, short thread   
653021162Knurled thumb screws, thin type   
(ISO 1051*)
022301Round head rivets  

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