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DIN (ISO) ČSNProduct namesteel plainsteel zincStainless steel A1, A2 A4plastic
MS, Al, Ti, Cu
MS, Al,
Ti, Cu
6799022929Retaining rings for shafts 
6885022513Parallel keys  
6887022514Taper key with gib head   
6888 Woodruff key   
6911 Hexagon key with guide point   
6912 Socket head cap low head 
6914 High-strenght structural bolts  
6915 Hexagon nuts with large width across flat  
6916 Round washer for high strength structural bolting  
6917021739Square taper washer for „I“ sections  
6918021739Square taper washer for "U" sections  
(ISO 7040**)
 Prevailing troque type hexagon nut with nylon insert   
(ISO 7042**)
 Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts similar   
(ISO 4161, s lícem EN 1661)
 Heaxgon flange nuts with teeth 
7337 Blind rivets dome head with break mandre
7338022330Rivets for brake linings and clutch linings   
7343(ISO 8750**)022162Spring type straight pins, spiral pins   
7344(ISO 8748**)022162Spring-type straight pins   
7346(ISO 13337*)022156Spring straight pins, slotted, light type   
7349021708Washers for bolts with heavy type spring pins 
Cross recessed pan head thread forming screws  
7504 K, P, N

 Self-drilling screws  
7513021226Thread cutting screws
slotted raised screw
7516 Thread cutting screws
– Cross recessed raised chesse head
– Cross recessed countersunk head
– pan head
7603 Sealing rings   
7604021915Hexagon head screw plugs 
7643 Banjo bolts   
7965 Slotted screwed inserts 
1624 Drive-in nuts   
7967 Cross recessed pan head screws with collar 
7968 Hexagon fit bolts  
7969 Slotted countersunk head bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures   
(ISO 1481**)

021232Slotted pan head tapping screws  

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