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Fasteners (bolts, screws, nuts, etc.) plays an important role in the construction (joining) of any technology units of various types of materials. The growing tendency to increase efficiency and production quality forces place still bigger emphasis on technical expertise in the fasteners. Within these tendencies also Killich is trying to expand customer service in the field of technical information, which light proof is a section of technical information of this catalog.

World trends

World trends indicate that the role of fasteners is gaining constantly larger dimension. Permanently increasing demands for better mechanical properties, anticorrosion coating, stainless materials, special fasteners, including the tightening tool, fully automated lines equipped with robots (who are able to provide seamless connections efficiently, beacuse of the accurate sensors system), forcing manufacturers of fasteners adapted to these growing requirements and to seek more effective and efficient methods of mechanical, chemical and heat processing.


Connection element is no longer taken as a mere consumer item whose cost is only a matter of price, but rather it is an important part of any design, where is increasing demand for professionalism and competence assessment. Selection of improper or insufficient connecting member taking chance that there will be distortion, corrosion, etc., on the other side a selection of too high quality element for a given application (oversizing) you would be wasting money, which can at higher technological units to form a considerable percentage of the total budget.

Technical background

In this context, we note that our company has adequately the growing demands on the expertise of the sales service and continuously improves not only their sales skills, but also tries to create a good and reliable technical support for our customers. Any question, comment or criticism of the technical information section of the customer is a challenge for us to find common solutions of the problem and it is also a signal to our efforts to closer communication.


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