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Austenitic steel with a special resistance to chlorides
(eg use in swimming pools)

Group of materialNunber of materiaDIN/ISO/OZNAČENÍ
1.4439X2XrNiMoN17-13-5DIN EN 10088
1.4539X1NiCrMoCu25-20-5DIN EN 10088
1.4529X1NiCrMoCuN25-20-7DIN EN 10088
1.44621)X2CrNiMoN22-5-3DIN EN 10088
  1. Austenitic-ferritic steel

Special materials

Ferritic steelASTM 193 B5; B6; B6X; B7; B7M; B16
ASTM 194 Grade 2H; 2HM; 4; 7; 7M
ASTM 320 L7; L7M atd.
Stainless steelASTM 193 B8; B8A; B8C; B8CA; B8M; B8T; B8MA; B8M2; atd.
ASTM 194 Grade 8; 8C; 8M; 8T; atd.
ASTM 320 B8; B8A; B8C; B8CA; B8M; B8T; atd.
ASTM A 453 Grade 660A/B
AISI 316 Ti; 304L; 316L; 310; 347; 410; 420; 431

Materials and Strength groups for Stainless and acid resistant steel

Group of material

Number of materialDIN / ISO / OZNAČENÍ
A1-50/701.4305DIN ISO 3506 04/98
A2-50/701.4301; 1.4306; 1.4541; 1.4550DIN ISO 3506 04/98
A3-50/701.4541; 1.4550DIN ISO 3506 04/98
A4-50/701.4401; 1.4404; 1.4571DIN ISO 3506 04/98
A5-50/701.4571DIN ISO 3506 04/98
C1-50/70/1101.4021DIN ISO 3506 04/98
C3-801.4057DIN ISO 3506 04/98
C4-50/701.4104DIN ISO 3506 04/98
F1-45/601.4016DIN ISO 3506 04/98

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